Exhibiting Intidis / Interdisciplinary

Labeling Artwork

During the Exhibition session we were also instructed to create a label for our final exhibition piece. During the session i was rushed so created a word document with the set information that i needed to provide using little formatting and presentation skills. After the session i researched more into labelling artwork in exhibitions as i felt out sign was of poor quality. I visited this page where i learnt that small fonts, often around 12pt are most popular and keeping the label as simple as possible with justify left. Both of which i didn’t use in the creation of my exhibition.


In terms of construction, i used the spray booth to glue my print out to mount board which was an opportunity to learn for me, i feel this is going to be very helpful later in my development of other projects when i have to complete presentations and stick things together in a professional way using spray mount and doing it safely. Using spray mount leaves a more professional finish as it doesn’t show where as glue can leave a 3 dimensional look, bleed ink and often doesn’t stick very well.

I was also encouraged to cut my printed sign down with a scalpel on the mount board in order to cut them both to the exact same size with a precise and professional cut. This was really hard because at first i didn’t use a metal supporting ruler to guide my cut and the pressure i was applying was too heavy so ended up cutting straight through the middle of my sign so re-printed and tried again with a supporting ruler. It’s good that i have practiced to use scalpel and board on a small piece of work that wasn’t being graded because if i had used it for the first time on a one off print than i would have ruined my work and not be able to recover it. I feel that i will be using scalpel and ruler to cut any work for final submission as you get a much more precise and clean cut than you do with a rota trimmer or scissors.

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